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Tired of sitting behind the desk working to achieve someone else’s dreams while you can be building your own empire?

Be a pioneer in this evolutionary hair loss cosmetic procedure as the SMP industry is blowing up and more people are learning this revolutionary skill.

Earn more than $4000 weekly and make 6 figures

Ability to make your own schedule!

Help people change their lives everyday

Our course lets you work WITH live models

Get a starter SMP kit with our advanced course

Restore your confidence

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The Scalp Micropigmentation industry is booming and it’s only a matter of time when everyone will be looking to get this treatment. You can be one of the first to offer it. Set yourself apart by getting trained and certified by a licensed and experienced professional.

Restores Confidence in people

Make people look and feel younger

Give people hair lines EVEN IF they are bald

Help people conceal head scars

SMP is less invasive than FUE or FUT transplant

Restore your confidence



Scalp Micropigmentation Course Modules

  • Understanding Scalp Micropigmentation
    Lesson 1: Introduction to scalp micropigmentation Lesson 2: The basics of scalp micropigmentation Lesson 3: Potential benefits of scalp micropigmentation. Lesson 4 Brief history of scalp micropigmentation, Lesson 5: Key differences between SMP and other hair restoration methods. Lesson 6: FUE and FUT Scars
  • Scalp Anatomy and Physiology
    Lesson 1: Overview of Scalp Anatomy and Physiology Anatomy of Scalp Physiology of Scalp Lesson 2: The Different layers of the scalp, and how they affect the micropigmentation process Lesson 3: The types of hair follicles, and how they grow.
  • Micropigmentation Color Theory
    Lesson 1: The basics of color theory Skin Undertones Fitzpatrick Skin Scale Lesson 2: How it can be applied in Scalp Micropigmentation. Mixing the Proper ink for Proper Skin tone. Lesson 3: Usage of proper ink and using neutral colors Lesson 4 Black and Brown ink
  • Preparation and Safety
    Lesson 1: Health Precautions Precautions: Contraindications and Health Warnings: Chemical contamination Blood-Borne Pathogens Lesson 2: Safety protocols: Licensing Disinfecting, Sanitation, and Sterilization Lesson 3: Sample Client Consent Form Lesson 4 Scalp preparation Lesson 5: Micropigmentation effects
  • Micropigmentation Tools and Techniques
    Lesson 1: Necessary Tools for Scalp Micropigmentation Main Supplies Needed Setting Up the Machine Properly Hold the Machine and Angle Your Needle Needles that are commonly used and Why Lesson 2: Different Patterns of Baldness of Men and Women The Norwood Scale The Ludwig Scale: Identifying Female Pattern Hair Loss Lesson 3: How to Draw the Hair Line: Help Your Client to Choose the Correct Hair Line Creating Hard Edge and Soft Edge Hair Line Using The Pyramid Pattern to Create a Softer Hairline Lesson 4 Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment Lesson 5: Different Micropigmentation Techniques used for scalp Micropigmentation, including Shading, Blending, and hairline restoration
  • Micropigmentation Post Procedure
    Lesson 1: Proper post-procedure care instructions for the clients, including cleaning, avoiding sun exposure Lesson 2: How to handle any side effects or complications Lesson 3: Pain Involvement with SMP Treatment Lesson 4 Healing Lesson 5: Touch Ups


Enjoy your purchase in no time with our fast approval process. All we require is your state ID and your mobile phone number. Not a hard credit check.

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