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As in the past with the Geishas, ​​permanent makeup or micropigmentation has been and the secret of beauty best kept by miles of women to enhance their facial beauty.

Micropigmentation, also known as permanent makeup, is an aesthetic technique that involves the insertion of pigments in the dermis. Its purpose is to correct, balance and highlight the facial features of each person to beautify and rejuvenate the expression of the face.

There are several reasons for a person to decide to apply a micropigmentation treatment. It can be to correct small irregularities or facial asymmetries, redesign the shape of the eyebrows, or give luminosity and color to the lips ...

In general, the benefits offered by this technique are abundant. The comfort and elegance offered by these techniques of permanent makeup, automatic updating, comfort and speed, the list of 24 hours a day.

DELAB CARE laboratories, with experience in the development of cosmetic products and pharmaceutical specialties for more than 80 years, have developed a range of products for skin care before, during and after treatments of micropigmentation or permanent makeup. Unique formulations, with natural ingredients, tested and developed under the supervision of dermatologists and micropigmentation specialists.

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